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Todd Stettner's Blog

A Message from Todd ... 10.24.14

Last time I shared with you some institutional changes taking place that impact our staff and programs. More is happening as I write this, but there is time to talk about it in future blogs. Today, I want to focus your thinking and my thoughts on the road ahead.
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A Message from Todd ... 10.03.14

This is a time of reflection as we move toward the holiest day of the year for the Jewish community. It is a time for family and friends and thinking about what was and what will be in the new year.
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A Message from Todd ... 09.19.14

This week we hosted Ari Shavit, Israeli author of the bestselling book, My Promised Land, at our Federation Annual Meeting. Mr. Shavit started his remarks with thoughts about what happened here in April at our Campus.
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A Message from Todd ... 09.05.14

The summer is over for most of us and I have been eager to once again put fingers to the keyboard to communicate with you.
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A Message from Todd ... 06.06.14

This will be my last blog until the end of the summer; as usual I take a summer hiatus though our work goes on.
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