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A Special Message from Todd Stettner

Today we honored the lives of Reat Underwood, Dr. William Corporan and Terri LaManno at a beautiful interfaith community service. Tomorrow, many will gather to walk in memory of these same victims.
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A Message from Todd ... 04.11.14

Often it is hard to write these blogs. I try to find inspiration from life, from Jewish text, from personal experiences – whether mine or others.

As I was preparing to do this pre-Passover blog I was looking for just such inspiration when it practically fell in my lap (actually on my computer screen). You might say it was beshert (meant to be).
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A Message from Todd ... 03.28.14

We are seeing the first signs of warmer weather! Along with the spring weather, I am starting to hear about travel plans for the summer and beyond. A few talk of going to Israel ...
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A Message from Todd ... 03.14.14

When I entered the room, my first thought was that I could have been at a rock concert or a basketball game. However the crowd of 14,000 people was there for a different reason: to support Israel and its relationship with the United States at the Annual AIPAC Policy Conference.
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Jewish Heroes: A Message from Todd

The news has been full of stories about Ukraine in the last few weeks. With an estimated 350,000 – 400,000 Jews currently living in Ukraine, this terrible situation is of particular concern to the Jewish world.
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