To sustain and enhance Jewish Life at Home and Around the World.
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A Message From The President & CEO
“I live behind a wall and you bring life to me.” These are words that Berta, an 89-year-old Holocaust survivor, said to Dr. Helene Lotman when she visited Berta recently in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Israel Event
Israeli Baking Class
Do you ever wonder how those delicious Israeli desserts are made? Join us on November 29 to learn for yourself!
Hanukkah Glow
Spin your dreidel here
Celebrate the festival of lights with your whole family at the second annual Hanukkah Glow Party. Hit the dance floor with our kid-friendly DJ and enjoy lots of glow in the dark fun!

There are currently no events.

As It Happens
Last week, along with 27,000 other Jewish Americans, Israeli-Americans and Israelis from around the world, I had an outstanding experience at my second-ever Israeli-American Council (IAC) Conference in Washington, DC.
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