To sustain and enhance Jewish Life at Home and Around the World.
Dollars In Action
Through our network of partners, we help feed, clothe, comfort and inspire people here at home and in more than 60 countries worldwide. To achieve our mission, we work with the Kansas City community to raise funds for programs which fit into one of our five areas of service.
  • Safety Net Services
    The Jewish Federation funds programs locally and around the world to help Jews live in dignity. From feeding the hungry and providing emergency assistance through our Gesher Fund, to assisting with career skills & connections, the Jewish Federation is here to help in times of crisis.
  • Youth and Family Services
    The Jewish Federation provides funding for programs that help young children and families stay active and engaged in Jewish life.
  • Senior Adult Services
    The Jewish Federation works to ensure that seniors are able to maintain the highest possible quality of life, at any stage. Our programs give seniors the ability to remain in their homes longer, ensure their basic needs are met, and provide high quality care for those in their latter years.
  • Jewish Identity and Education
    The Jewish Federation funds programs that help Jews connect to, and learn more about their Judaism—at any age—through a variety of educational and cultural opportunities in Kansas City and around the world.
  • Israel and Overseas
    In addition to providing for the most basic needs of Jews overseas, the Jewish Federation works to rekindle and revitalize Jewish life around the world. Examples of this include supporting programs that re-introduce Jewish education in partner countries Romania and Bulgaria, and bringing Israel to Kansas City through our Israel emissary.
PJ Library
Help children’s sense of Jewish identity grow strong during their first 8 years by sending Jewish-themed books and CDs each month.