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Home Care Subsidies
Homecare subsidies are a vital part of providing support and care to older adults so they can live with dignity in their own homes.
Homecare services are a necessary component in a continuum of services and programs needed to sustain the ability of older adults to live with dignity in their own homes and communities. Although Jewish Family Services (JFS) discontinued its own homecare program in 2008, it has continued to provide homecare subsidies, with support from Jewish Federation, to low-income seniors for services essential to their ability to remain at home and avoid higher levels of care.

The homecare subsidies have four designated purposes: Holocaust survivor support, post hospitalization support (ensuring clients have the support they need so they don't need to be re-hospitalized), bridging to sustainable homecare options (for clients who have applied for Medicaid/VA benefits but require care during the two months it takes for processing) and caregiver respite.

Here are just a few examples of how homecare subsidies help older adults:

  • Charlie suffered a hospitalization after a bout with pneumonia. When he returns home, Medicare will cover home health – physical and occupational therapy and a nurse – but provides no help with other important tasks like cooking, cleaning and bathing. Homecare subsidies make it possible to provide help with this critical care post-hospitalization to ensure older adults can transition home successfully and recover.
  • June spent down her funds and now qualifies for Medicaid. Medicaid often takes 45 days to process applications. Once approved, Medicaid will provide ongoing in-home services to June, but she needs care now. Access to homecare that bridges the gap is made possible with homecare subsidies, so June can remain in her home while she awaits approval for long-term, sustainable support from Medicaid in-home services.
  • Ann provides care to her elderly mother who lives with her. When Ann’s youngest daughter graduates from college, she stresses about whether she will be able to get away for extended periods of time and who will care for mom in her absence. Homecare subsidies provide access to respite homecare so Ann can be present at her daughter’s simcha while ensuring her mom has adequate care.
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