Executive Leadership Team

Dr. Helene Lotman, President & Chief Executive Officer, 913.327.8101
Mary Stratman, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, 913.981.8801
Derek Gale, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, 913.327.8123
Andi Milens,
Senior Director, Community Building, 913.327.8108

Jonathan Schwartzbard, Director, Campaign & Corporate Sponsorship, 913.327.8083

Erin Markowicz, Director, Strategic Marketing, 913.327.8147


Financial Resource Development
Jonathan Schwartzbard, Director of Campaign & Corporate Sponsorship, 913.327.8083
Rebekah Ebeling, Database Administrator, 913.981.8850

Laurie Goldstein, PJ Library and Event Manager, 913.327.8104

Annie Glickman, Affinity Groups Manager 913.327.8112

Deborah Bretton Granoff, Special Campaign Projects, 913.327.8106

Becca Levine, FRD Associate, 913.327.8202

Virginia Pennington, Donor Services Associate, 913.327.8107


Community Planning

Andi MilensSenior Director, Community Building, 913.327.8108
Sierra Debrow, Community Planning Associate, 913.327.8145



Erin Markowicz, Director, Strategic Marketing, 913.327.8147
Lacey Storer, Marketing Specialist, 913.981.8851



Chuck Green, Director, Community Security, 913.327.8114


Administration, Accounting & Technology

Mary Stratman, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, 913.981.8801
Jeanne Downs, Senior Accountant, 913.327.8132

Renee Heflin, Accounting Specialist, 913.327.8117

Cheri Anne Winkler, Executive Assistant to the President & CEO, 913.327.8103
Marsha Cott
Receptionist & Engagement Administrative Associate, 913.327.8100