Now is the time for leadership: A steadfast commitment to preserving Jewish life is more critical than ever. Will your life be an example? Inspire lives of purpose. Instill in future generations the dignity of honoring one’s obligation. Ensure the Jewish community remains alive and vibrant in every corner of the world.

How to Leave Your Jewish Legacy

With a little planning, you can make the gift of a lifetime by creating a legacy gift. Make sure your generous support of Jewish charitable causes lasts for generations by establishing an endowment fund, empowering you to continue the work of your heart and ensure the traditions and institutions that mean so much to you will exist well into the future.


The term "Legacy Gift" covers a wide range of options. All can help you make a meaninful gift to the future of the Jewish Community. 



There are many ways to leave your legacy and to make an indelible mark on our community's future. For more information or an appointment to discuss your Jewish legacy, contact Jonathan Schwartzbard, 913.327.8083.