The Dr. Harry & Alice Statland Young Leadership Institute connects young Jewish professionals to their community in a deeper, more meaningful way. Focusing on the individual, we create a space where each participant can explore their Jewish identity and discover who they are as a leader. The Statland Leadership Institute helps young professionals build their network, develop skills that enhance their leadership style, and feel empowered to affect change.


In this concentrated program, participants work through the process of becoming a Jewish leader. From taking the first steps into leadership to taking action to build an even stronger community that is represented by all generations.


Experiential opportunities include: volunteering with a partner Jewish organization, networking and connecting with community leaders, shadowing a board meeting, and meeting one-on-one with a community leader.





“Statland showed me I was part of a community I knew existed but hadn’t yet found. Statland helped me leverage my personal experiences to create an authentic and empathetic leadership style which has made me proud to be who I am.” - Skylar Brennan, Statland alum



"Going through Statland truly changed my career trajectory: I realized I wanted to work in the Jewish nonprofit world because of this program. I'm now the Development & Marketing Director at KU Hillel, and credit our Statland program with providing me the tools to be a better Jewish leader." - Savannah Kannberg, Statland alum



"SLI was critical to my growth in my first year in Kansas City. The program helped me explore the different many areas and organizations of change within the Jewish community. I was able to connect leaders in the community I would not have met otherwise and has opened the door to many opportunities to get involved within the Jewish community here." - Greyson Rubin, Statland alum & YAD committee member