Why Jewish preschool?

A child's early years are the most formative. What a child experiences before age 5 becomes the foundation for thinking patterns, value structures and ways of viewing the world into adulthood.

Jewish preschools partner with families like yours to help educate and nurture children in an environment filled with traditions, rituals, stories and ethics. Everyone in the family becomes immersed in the richness and diversity of Judaism, within a welcoming and supportive environment.


You could get $1,000 for your child!

For those who qualify, the Right Start Preschool Incentive Program will help fund your child’s first year of preschool. Ensure your child has the right start!

Preschool incentive grants are:
 $500 for eligible part-time preschoolers (4 days or fewer/week)
• $1,000 for eligible full-time preschoolers (5 days/week)


Must be the first time you’re enrolling a child in a Jewish early childhood program*
 At least one parent identifies as Jewish

At this time, applications for the Right Start Preschool Incentive Grant are on hold. We look forward to reopening applications soon.


*Child has not yet begun attending the program at the time of application submission

Participating Preschools:

The Right Start Preschool Incentive Program has a rolling application deadline. All applications are considered on a “first come, first served” policy, good while funds last in any given school year.