People feel most connected to a community when they feel valued and understood. People are also more likely to connect to a community if they are invited to participate in activities by someone they already know and trust!


Just Because Grants prioritize interpersonal relationship-building over programmatic content. These grants facilitate appealing and relevant Jewish experiences that help grow connections between people across the greater Kansas City Jewish community. When you host an event, invite people to their events from different parts of your Jewish life… and even ask those invited to bring a Jewish friend!


Just Because Grants are intended to connect individuals from across the community through grassroots engagement efforts. This is relationship-based engagement, where individuals from across the community come together for the sole purpose of 'doing Jewish' together without connection to a Jewish institution. These are ways for people to try hosting Jewish gatherings they wouldn't otherwise host – in other words, gatherings that they wouldn't otherwise have on their calendars on a consistent basis.


Individual Just Because Grants offer $180 (10-20 attendees) or $360 (21+ attendees) for groups of people to engage in meaningful Jewish life as they define it. 


Q: Can Federation help me flesh out my idea?
A: We’re excited to support you in creating a meaningful Jewish program of your own design. If you want to brainstorm ideas or talk through any questions you have, we’re here for you! 


Q: Do I need to have any programming experience?
A: No experience is necessary – we know that you have big ideas, and every program starts with a willingness to try. 


Q: What support is NOT included in this grant?
A: While we’re happy to help you with brainstorming and guidance for your event, we can’t purchase your supplies or run your program for you.


Q: What are some starter ideas for a Just Because Grant event? 
A: If you're just starting to think about what you'd like to do, consider hosting a Jewish cooking class, creating Jewish art, trying a Jewish holiday celebration or Jewish ritual you haven't tried before, hiking with friends and talking about Jewish values around nature and environmentalism, hosting a watch party for a movie with Jewish actors/characters/story components...

*Please note that these are only a sampling of ideas! We'd love to hear you get creative with the ways you connect with your Jewish identity.


Q: Do I need to do anything before or after I run my event?
A: We ask that Just Because Grant recipients meet with Sierra Debrow, Community Planning Associate, prior to hosting their event. After the event, we ask hosts to fill out a post-event survey and send us a few pictures from your event. 


Q: What if my event has more attendees than I expected and costs more than the grant I've applied for?
A: If you think that your event will draw more than 20 people, please apply for the $360 grant. We are only able to give you the grant amount that you apply for. So if you’re dreaming big, apply for more money upfront!


Q: When will I find out if my application has been approved?
A: After completing this application, we’ll notify you within 10 business days about the status of your application. Please email with any questions.