Envision yourself in Kansas City, because we see you here!


Kansas City has a vibrant, supportive Jewish community that warmly welcomes new members, plus a top-notch quality of life with job growth, low cost of living, championship-winning teams, and world-class cultural institutions.

Come visit and connect with us: We'll show you a dynamic place to live, work, play and build your community.


See KC is an initiative to help young Jewish adults and families determine if Kansas City is a place you would like to call home. We provide personally curated weekend visits for you to explore the city. This allows you to get to know people who live here, explore what it would look like to work and live here, and see all that the community has to offer.

We provide airfare, hotel, meals, local transportation, and plan a weekend of exploring activities designed around your personal interests, with just a small registration fee to participate. For more information, please contact Bridey Stangler, Director of See KC, at brideys@jewishkc.org.


Our ideal participants are between the ages of 22 and 45 years old, with an expressed interest in learning more about possibly relocating to the Greater Kansas City area. Participants must identify as Jewish and have the potential to relocate in the next 1-3 years.


There is no requirement to move or any implication if they choose not to move, but we would like to be responsible with our limited resources and invest in those with an inclination to find their home here.