What is See KC?

See KC is an effort to grow and develop the Jewish community in Kansas City by letting others across the country in on our well-kept secret: KC is a phenomenal place to live, work, play and build or raise a family!

We create experiences and opportunities for Jewish people and families considering Kansas City as a place to move, grow, and connect. Through custom, curated visits, we hope participants get a feel for what life can be like for them here, make valuable connections both professionally and personally, and find the resources needed to help relocate to KC. Our goal is to help people find their new community and, in turn, strengthen and grow the Jewish community in Kansas City.

What’s so special about Kansas City?

  • Looking for an awesome food scene? We have that here.
  • Interested in craft beer and whiskey? We’ve got that too.
  • Love the outdoors and enjoy getting lost on nature trails? You can do that here.
  • Love the four seasons? You should see our trees in the fall!
  • Like professional sports? Not sure if you have ever heard of this little team called the Chiefs… (We’ve also got baseball, men’s and women’s soccer, and some really good college basketball!)
  • Do you like it when people are nice to you and treat you with respect? Yep, we’re solidly Midwest like that.
  • Love BBQ? That is kind of our specialty.
  • Care about Jewish life and finding your place in it? This Jewish community is incredibly vibrant with lots of different options and paths for involvement.

You get the point. We might not have the beaches and mountains other cities boast about, but as the geographic center of the United States, you are never more than a three-hour flight from anywhere in the country. When Bailey moved to KC, a neighbor said to her: “San Diego is a great place to visit, and Kansas City is a great place to live. Good thing you have it in the right order now!”

Making friends as an adult can be hard. If I choose to relocate, how can See KC help?

One of our goals during your visit is to not only show you why KC is a great place to live, but for you to find a sense of community while you are here, too. The weekend visits are intentionally designed to include other visitors so you have some peers to experience this with, and throughout the weekend you will have the opportunity to meet local members of our community we think you might connect with.

That’s why your written application and the phone calls you will have with the Director See KC are so important. As the Director of the program, she will get to know you, your interests, and the type of work and entertainment you enjoy so that she can customize the weekend experience around what you might like to see and who you might like to meet. Once you decide to move here, we have very active groups within the Jewish community we will make sure you have access to. This includes our vibrant Young Adult Division of the Jewish Federation of Greater KC, PJ Library of Greater KC, Jewish Experiences, local synagogues, and other programs.

What is the process for applying and being selected to participate in See KC?

We try to keep this simple. Fill out the application, schedule a call with the manager of See KC and she will figure out if this is the right program for you. You will have two group visit weekend options to choose from, but if they do not work with your schedule, we can talk about finding a time for you to come for your own specially-curated visit. We want to speak with anyone interested in the program, so please do not hesitate to apply.

How Jewish do I need to be to participate in See KC?

We know that Judaism is different for everyone. We want you to show you what our Jewish community has to offer. For some that might mean as much as actively getting involved in Jewish organizations and synagogues, while for others that might mean as little as playing tennis at the JCC every now and then. We want you to know that if you do choose to live here, there is no expectation of your future involvement, we just hope you will be inspired to participate in a way that brings meaning to your life. The greater KC Jewish community is vibrant, with multiple synagogue options, a robust JCC, and lots of volunteer and social opportunities. We are happy to make introductions and connections to help you find your place.

How much does it cost to participate in See KC?

We ask that participants pay a $250 (individual) or $350 (couple) nonrefundable deposit towards the cost of the experience. We do not cover costs outside of the program (including, but not limited to: uber rides, meals separate from what is provided by the program, etc).

What does See KC provide?

See KC provides airfare, local transportation within KC, all meals, entertainment, and entrance fees throughout the weekend you visit. Prior to the visit, the See KC manager will meet with you to get to know you better and customize your visit to your interests. After the visit, staff will continue to be in touch with you, offering guidance and introductions if you choose to move. Currently, See KC does not provide any subsidies towards your move.

Who participates in See KC?

Our only criteria are that participants must be:

  • Looking to relocate in the next few months or years
  • Identify as Jewish
  • Young adults/families with young children

This program is open to young singles, couples, and families looking to establish themselves in a new community. We are also happy to host college seniors thinking about moving here after graduation.

Can you help me find a job?

While we cannot guarantee employment, we are happy to help you network within your industry and even send you recommendations for places to look for jobs. We are connected with organizations throughout Kansas City that provide networking opportunities and provide job postings, and we will be happy to make introductions and send you re