A message from Jewish Voices United

On Wednesday President Trump took steps to bring an end to the forced separation of migrant families crossing the U.S. border. While we support the decision to stop separating children from their families, we know that this crisis is not over and that our immigration system must be repaired.

As Jews, we understand the plight of immigrants – those fleeing violence and oppression, and those simply seeking a better life for themselves and their children. We know that were it not for the welcoming arms of our country, many of us would not be here today. In fact, we know directly the consequences of the United States turning away refugees.

Our Jewish faith demands that we demonstrate concern for the stranger in our midst. Our own people’s history as “strangers” reminds us of the many struggles faced by immigrants today and compels our commitment to welcome those seeking safe haven. Our tradition calls on us to support a compassionate and just immigration system that treats fairly and humanely those seeking refuge on our shores.

The United States is a nation of immigrants. We believe that how we treat the stranger reflects on the moral values and ideals of this nation.

As Jews, and as Americans, we urge our leaders to act in the spirit of our calling – and our history – to welcome the stranger. We call on our leaders to set aside partisanship and act with expedience to pass legislation that will enable us to safeguard our national security while upholding our nation’s proud tradition of welcoming those seeking a better life.

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