Life Is Precious: A Message From Our President & CEO

Shalom Chaverim,

Another week has passed. It's hard to believe that we’ve been sheltering-in-place for more than 8 weeks. Sometimes it feels like one day just rolls into another. Is it Tuesday or Wednesday? Did we talk yesterday or a few days ago? I do know when it's Friday, however. Friday is the demarcation in my week telling me that Shabbos is coming and that it’s time to write to all of you.

Our community is beginning to open back up but, life as it was will never be the same. That’s really OK, I think. It gives us an opportunity to create a better ‘normal’ than we had in the past.

One thing I have noticed through all this is that people seem to be kinder and gentler with each other. Acts of kindness abound. We reach out more; we do nice things for each other; we are more considerate. Things we use to argue about don’t seemed as important.

I like this new ‘normal’. Although I am apprehensive about re-entering the world, I am hopeful that people will continue to think of others and extend themselves to those in need and those they care about in a more deliberate and intentional way.

I know I will do that. I will make the time to call my mom more often rather than on a prescribed schedule. I will visit with an elderly person who spends much time alone. I will take the time for self-care as I know I am better for myself and others when I do it. Somehow before, it didn’t seem so important to me and I didn’t have the time. What I now realize is that I didn’t make the time.

I see life anew now. I am appreciative of this awakening. I am so sad that due to the pandemic so many have suffered and lost their lives. However, I am committed to do better. I am determined to take this experience and learn from it. I will shift my priorities both professionally and personally.

Life is precious, and we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. So, be the best version of yourself today. You won’t do it perfectly every day. You will slip back to old habits, but be cognizant and forgiving of yourself. Each day is a new beginning.

Enter the world safely and cautiously. Wear masks and maintain social distancing. And most importantly, be kind to yourself and others. Use this experience as a learning and growing opportunity. Take this moment in time to make the world a better place.

Continue to stay safe and healthy.

Shabbat Shalom,