Thank You to Our 2021 Benefactors!

Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City is the heart of the Kansas City Jewish community. In addition to funding 78 programs and initiatives through 45 partner organizations, we build community by bringing people together, strengthening Jewish identity, developing leaders and inspiring generosity. We fulfill our mission of sustaining and enhancing Jewish life at home and around the world. We ensure a healthy, vibrant Jewish community now and into the future. We are only able to do this because of and through our incredible benefactors. 

Diane and Bert Aaron
Lauren Aaronson and Philip Meltzer
Lauren and Ben Abelson
Susan and Glenn Abelson
Raya Abramova and David Abramov
Robin Abramowitz and Brian Thompson
Joyce and Bernard Abrams
Phyllis and Erwin Abrams
Renana and Michael Abrams
Alice and David Achtenberg
Debbie and Joe Adamous
Marjorie Adler
Melanie and Daniel Allmayer
Amy Allshouse
Uri Alon
Cathy and Jeffrey Alpert
Fay Balk and Rabbi Douglas Alpert
Julie and Ronald Altman
Yakov Altman(z"l)
William Anderson
Meredith and Jonathan Angrist
Anonymous (6)
Danielle and Jeremy Antes
David Saul and Jeffrey Antoniewicz
Elizabeth Appelbaum
Gail and James Appelbaum
Adrianne and Victor Applebaum
Liron and Jeremy Applebaum
Setareh and Michael Applebaum
Debra and Samuel Arbesman
Heather Aronoff
Audrey Asher and Michael Lerner
Sandra Ashner
Marie and Harold Asner
Martha Atlas
Barbara and Richard Atlas
Lisa and Wayne Auer
Felice and Bryan Azorsky
Gloria and Michael Azorsky
Diane and Steve Azorsky
Susie and Gregory Azorsky
Dierdre and Ronald Baker
Janet and Bruce Baker
Mara and Tom Balke
Debbie and John Ball
Janice and Samuel Balot
Claudia and Lee Barewin
Lori and Paul Barnett
Carol and Thomas Barnett
Shari and Richard Barr
Harriet Barrish
Jay Barrish
Carrie and John Barton
Debra and Neil Bass
Lindsey and Zachary Bassin
Mickey Batnitzky
Ann and G. Kenneth(z"l) Baum
Sarah and Jonathan Baum
Ruth Baum Bigus and Larry Bigus
Barry Baumfalk
Barbara and David Bayer
Laura and Justin Belozer
Phyllis and Edward Belzer
Fayna Belzer
Sue McCord-Belzer and Irvin Belzer
Stacey and Richard Belzer
Ariella and Roy Ben-Aharon
Sarah and Peter Beren
Merilyn and Loren Berenbom
Mollie and Michael Berenbom
Allison Berey
Carol and Lewis Berey
Margaret and Arthur Berger
Erin and Aaron Berger
Glenn Berger
Leslie Berger
Kathy and Mark Berger
Carole Bergh
Susan and Victor Bergman
Susan and William Berk
Bert Berkley
Sandy and Richard Berkley
Maureen and William Berkley
Estelle Berman
Sandra Berman
Judy and Steven Berman
Lisa and Jerry Bernard
Aimee and Steven Bernstein
Barbara and Saul Bernstein
Phyliss and Robert Bernstein
Susan Bernstein and Charles Luetje
Irene Bettinger
Debbie and Roman Beznovsky
Mari Anne and Marc Birnbaum
Suzi and Bruce Blackman
Susan and Paul Blackman
Noah Blank
Lauren and Aaron Blazar
Rita Blitt
Barbara and Robert Bloch
Nick Bloch
Vicki and David Block
Melissa and Phillip Block
Linda and Steven Block
Lynne and David Bock
Cynthia and Fred Bodker
Harvey Bodker
Mary and Jay Bodney
Stephanie and Robert Boresow
Peggy and Michael Borkon
Diane Botwin
Jeremiah and Barbara Bradhurst
Alan Bram
Marjorie and Stanley Brand
Joyce Bratman
Jean and Joel Bratt
Linda and Michael Braude
Etta Brenner
Jerold Bressel
Stevi and Jeffrey Brick
Brian Brockman
Charlotte and Richard Brockman
Mark Brodkey
Marjorie Brodkin
Jenna Brofsky and Ethan Corson
Carol Brooks
Pamela and Harry Brooks
Phillip Brown
Regina Brown
Bonnie and Herb Buchbinder
Baree Nottberg and Scott Buchbinder
Beverly and Norman Burk
Linda Burlison
Erica and David Bush
Helen and Robert Bushman
Ann Canfield and Stan Bushman
Joan and Peter Cabell
Alice Capson
Ronald Cardozo
Rose Carr
Robin and William Carr
Sharon Carter
Jennie Cattano
Carol and Arnold Caviar
Anita and Sam Chaplick
Tina and Alan Chapman
Harriett Charno
Debbie and Jeff Chase
Pati Chasnoff
Cathie Chesen
Ellen and Jonathan Chilton
Liz Christiansen
Aviva Clauer
Mirra Klausner and Todd Clauer
Cheyenne Clonch and Keith Mader
Stephen Cloud
Alexa and Jacob Cohen
Sharon and Alvin Cohen
Ben Cohen
Marilyn and Callan Cohen
Paula and Clifford Cohen
Natalie and Donald Cohen
Donna Gould Cohen
Douglas Cohen
Eileen Cohen
Jeffrey Cohen
Larry Cohen
Lisa and Leonard Cohen
Nancy Cohen
Lynne and Robert Cohen
Stacy and Sandy Cohen
Brad Cohn
Helaine Cohn and Eric Poe
Teri and Steven Cohn
Carla Cohodes
Janice Coldiron
Beth and Steve Cole
Dena and Quentin Cole
Lina and Richard Conway
Marjorie and Steve Cooper
Bunni and Paul Copaken
Cissy and Errol Copilevitz
Denise and Ronald Coppaken
Debra and Ed Corr
Gary Cortes
Emily and Marc Cortes
Rita Cortes and Mary McLean
Barbara Cosner
Kerry Cosner and Michael Block
Marsha Cott
Mary Covitz
Marsha Cowan
Debra and Jeffrey Crane
Jannie and Patrick Cubbage
Eva and Bill Cummings
Robert Cutler
Adela Dagerman
Carol Dale and Barney Mayse
Cindy and Robert Daniels
Diane and Mark Davidner
Elizabeth and Jerome Davidow
Lois and Tommy(z"l) Davidson
Abbie Davis
Peggy and Alexander Davis
Sierra Debrow
Lainie and James Decker
Deborah Dekosky
Sam Devinki
Kathy and Robert DeWitt
Josphine and Charlie Dorfman
Jeanne Downs
Janet and Richard Dubinsky
Jane Duggan
Jan Durwood
Elise Eastman
Rebekah and Paul Ebeling
Arla and Harold Edelbaum
Alex Edelman
Karin Lichterman and Mark Edelman
Rachel and Claude Einstein
Elinor Eisemann
Leslie Mark and Mark Eisemann
Barbara Eisen
Sandy and David Eisenberg
Martin Eisenman
Denise and Steve Ellenberg
Chrystal and Howard Ellis
James Ellis
Andrea Elyachar
Ann Elyachar
Hannah Harris and Jerald Enslein
Anne and Andrew Epstein
David Epstein
Gertrude Epstein(z"l)
Ginny and Brad Epsten
Jill Epsten
The Epsten & Girson Families
Andrew Ernstein
Meredith Farnan
Diane and Arthur Federman
Philip Feil
Trudi Galblum and David Feingold
Lisa and Howard Feingold
Stephen Feinstein
Mia and Adam Feldman
Nicole Feldman
Gara Feldman-Gary and Ben Gary
Shea and Barry Festoff
Beatrice and Steve Fine
Brooke Fineman
Lindsay and Michael Fineman
Annie Fingersh
Ilana Fingersh
Brenda Althouse and Paul Fingersh
Pella and Jack Fingersh
Linda and Bradley Finkle
Donna and Robert Fischgrund
Annette and Joel Fish
Laura and Alan Fisher
Brandi Fisher and Greg Raymond
Brenda Fishman
Cynthia and Ira Fishman
Marlene and Michael Fishman
Janelle Flacks
Susan and Robert Flappan
Cherie and Sheldon Fleishman
Milisa and Steve Flekier
David Florman
Judith and Samuel Florman
Chris Willmeth and Dylan Fotiadis
Jeannine and Martin Fox
Andrew Fradkin
Barbara and Robert Frager
Britt Frank
Stephanie Frayser
Dini and Randy Freed
Barbara and Jerry Freidberg
Bari and Floyd Freiden
Robyn and Seth Freiden
Carol and David Freirich
Sandi and Ed Fried
SuEllen Fried
Bette Friedberg
Eric Friedman
Esther and Rabbi Ben Friedman
Sharon and Geoffrey Friedman
Marsha Friedman
Nataly and Bradley Friedman
Patti and Gary Friedman
Sondra and Frank Friedman
Bernie Fromm
Linda and Victor Frost
Ilya Frumkin
Larry Fry
Joyce Fulps
Henri and Benjamin Gaeddert
Janet and Simon Galapo
Carl Gale
Gina Kaiser and David Gale
Dawn Gale and Douglas McNay
Amy and Derek Gale
Sandra and Jonathan Gale
Nancy and Shelton Gallas
Sarah and Hayden Galler
Ronna and Joshua Garry
Rebecca and Michael Garry
Debra Gass
Sandra and William Gasser
Linda Gepford
Bronna and Spencer Gerber
Susan and Myron Gersh
Yehiela and Efraim Gershom
Dayna and Daniel Gershon
Susie and Paul Gershon
Robert Gershon
The Gerson & Hjalmarson Families
Jim Gerson
Karen and Jeffry Gerson
Ann and Douglas Ghertner
Linda Gibian and Mark Fishman
Dana Gibson
Penny and Howard Gilbert
Doris Gilgus
Patty and Mark Gilgus
Debra Gill
Cristi and Clint Gillom
Laura Gilman and Daniel Sucher
Cheryl and Bill Ginsberg
David Ginsberg
Gerri Lyn and Byron Ginsburg
JoAnn and Ron Ginson
Jane and Jonny Girson
Saul Gitomer
Felis and Gene Gladstone
Rabbi Mark Glass
Brandy and Mark Glass
Lisa and Steven Glassman
Lisa and Sander Glatt
Elaine and Melvin Glazer
Hedva and Walt Glickenhaus
Allison and Josh Glickman
Annie and Rabbi David Glickman
Henri and David Goettel
Brian Goldberg
Ann Darke and David Goldberg
Gerry Goldberg
Jackye Goldberg
Marla Brockman and John Goldberg
Steve Goldberg
Jeff Goldenberg
Joshua and Sara Goldfarb
Aaron Goldman
Carolyn Goldman
Martha Gershun and Don Goldman
Hildy and Joel Goldman
Julie and Max Goldman
Mary Goldman
Lauren Schwartz and Josh Goldsmith
Michelle Goldsmith
Susie Goldsmith

Baila Goldstein

Carol and Marvin Goldstein
Linda and Elliott Goldstein
Joshua Goldstein
Laurie and Jacob Goldstein
Mitchell Goldstein
Jill and Ted Goldstein
Roberta and Sam Goller
Sara and Eric Gonsher
Charlene Goodbinder
Susan and Charles Goodbinder
Brian Goodman
Janis Rovick and David Goodman
Janey Goodman
Cipporah and Jaret Gordon
Ruth and Mark Gordon
Nadine Gordon
Barbara and Charles Gorodetzky
Karen and Michael Gortenburg
Lisa and Seth Gortenburg
Dara and David Granoff
Deborah Granoff
Evelyn and Robert Grant
Joan Grant
Charles Green
Jeff Green
Denise and Mark Green
Joan Greenbaum
Laura Greenbaum
Debbie and Greg Greenberg
Mary and Mark Greenberg
Laurie and Michael Greenfield
Karen and Stanley Greenfield
Melissa and Jeff Greenstein
Trudi and Milton Grin
Rachel Grodsky
Bette and Robert Grossman
Harvey Grossman
Maxine Grossman
Louise and Steven Gruenebaum
Rebecca and Rabbi Moshe Grussgott
Gail and Allen Gutovitz
Berenice and Roger Haberman
Tina Hacker and Lynn Norton
Linda and Myron Haith
Rickie Haith
Lisa and Mitchell Hamburg
Sylvana and Daniel Hammer
Natalie and Hanan Hammer
Alana Muller and Marc Hammer
Susan Hammer
Braxton Hammontree
Anita Hampshire
James and Sharon Hand
JoAnn Harris
Jennifer Hawkins
Kathy and Scott Hawley
Renee Heflin
Alison and Norman Heisler
Judy and Lloyd Hellman
Julie and Richard Hellman
Shirley Bush Helzberg and Barnett Helzberg
Sandy Baer and Charles M. Helzberg
Reesa and John Helzberg
Helen Henkin
Elizabeth Hennick
David Herbet
Lois and Carl Herman
Marsha and Edwin Herman
Joan Herman
Karen and Michael Herman
Vicki and Mark Herman
Stephanie and Jeffrey Herman
Caryn Hess
Joyce and James Hess
Molly and Jonathan Hess
Catherine and Joseph Hiersteiner
Barbra and Ron Hill
Diana Cashion-Himelstein and Lawrence Himelstein
Gail and Harry Himmelstein
Susan and Paul Himmelstein
Louise Hipsh and Neil Breslow
Liz Hjalmarson
Richard Hoffberg
Jeramy Zimmerman and Joshua Hoffman
Kathy and Elliot Hollub
Sara and Kenneth Honeck
Lauren and John Hoopes
Brita Horowitz
Gabi Horwitz
Rachel Hoskins
Emily and Stanley House
Melissa Householder
Roger Hurwitz
Lynn and William Intrater
The Isenberg & Barnett Families
Ann and Tom Isenberg
Joan and Steve Israelite
Anne and Michael Jacobs
Barb Jacobs
Judy Jacobs
Sherri and Jonathan Jacobs
Tom Jacobs
Joan and Alan Jacobson
Harriet and Ronald Jacobson
Ro and Howard Jacobson
Steve Jagoda
Sharon and Scott Jerwick
Diane and Bob Johnson
Morrie Joseph
Donna and Baruch Kaelter
Judy and Charles "Bud" Kahn
Staci and Michael Kahn
Diana Winyard and Norman Kahn
Andrea Kalish
Deborah and David Kalmeyer
Orit and Efi Kamara
Savannah Kannberg and Joshua Sipp
Pam and William Kanter
Nan and Sidney Kanter
Alex and Corey Kaplan
Sheryl and Andrew Kaplan
David Kaplan
Joy and Jerry Kaplan
Kelly and James Kaplan
Marian Kaplan
Michele and Harvey Kaplan
Marcia Karbank
Neil Karbank
Steve Karbank
Roza Karlan
Ellen Karp
Michelle and Kevin Karpin
Stacey Hammer-Karty and David Karty
Arlene and David Kaseff
Lynne Melcher and Barry Kaseff
Miriam and Eric Kaseff
Rhea Salasche and Harold Kaseff
Nancy Cohn and Allan Katz
Carol and Jeffrey Katz
Stacey and David Katz
Ellen and Stephen Katz
Hannah and Jacob Katz
Irma and Jack Katz
Marsha and Arnold Katz
Sharon and Milton Katz
Rachel and Seth Katz
Donna and Ward Katz
Joy and Bruce Katzenberg
Andrea Katzman
Carol and Michael Katzman
Sharyn and David Katzman
Meyer Katzman
Naomi Kauffman
Marilyn and Allan Kaufman
Lynn and Andrew Kaufman
Mark Kaufman
Stephanie and Kurt Kavanaugh
Alison and Adam Kaye
Bernadette Kelly
Francie and Tim Kelly
Allan Kensky
Marilyn and Louis Kessler
Linda and Kambiz Khadavi
Emilya and Oleg Kheyfets
Joann and Phil Kinney
Susie Kirschbaum
Susan and Jeff Kivett
Lori Klarfeld
Carla Klausner
Dena Klein
Lisa and James Klein
Michael Klein
Betty and Richard Klein
Susan and Jerald Klinock
Natalie and Harold Klopper
Kay Johnson and William Koenigsdorf
Joy and Stewart Koesten
Amanda and Brad Koffman
Marie Koffman
Phyllis and Ronald Kogan
Phyllis and Maury Kohn
Maggie and Michael Kolb
Alla and Zinovy Kon
Arlene and Abraham Kopec
Arlan Koppel
Joan and Arnold Kort
Ellen and Stephen Kort
Regina and William Kort
Yevgeniy Kotlyarov
Joyce Koufer
Andrea and Jason Krakow
Polly and Jeffrey Kramer
Stephanie and Adam Kramer
Rachel Krantz and Edward Goldstein
Julie and Jeremy Krashin
Netta and Joseph Krashin
Susan Cohen and Mitchell Krasnopoler
Arnold Kratchman
Donna and Joel Krichiver
Barry Krigel
Erlene and Sandy Krigel
Susan and Scott Krigel
Lisa Krigsten
Marsha Krinsky
Jessica and Aaron Kroll
Sofya Kuchuguridze
Arlyn and Charles Kuluva
Kerry and David Kuluva
Renee and Lynn Kuluva
Rachel Kurz
Mara and Mark Lambert
Dorothy and Tim Lambert
Melissa and Brian Landy
Courtney Landy
Cassie and Josh Landy
Leah and Joshua Langert
Jane and John Lawless
Linda Leach
Barbara and Allen Lefko
Randi and William Lefko
Lisa Lefkovitz
Sandy and Joel Leibsohn
Larry Leibson
Loring Leifer
Devra and Bruce Lerner
Betty Lesky
Anne Lesser
Linda and Larry Lessner
Adele Levi
Enid and Peter Levi
Suzanne Aron and Joseph Levin
Vivian and Lewis Levin
Kacy and Rabbi Mark Levin
Linda and Peter Levin
Sandra Levin
Beverly and Joel Levine
Rebecca Levine
Danielle and Sam Levine
Steve Levine
Andrea Levitan
Sharon Levitan
Paulla Levitch
Janette and Philip Levy
Virginia and Sheldon Levy
Elizabeth and Steven Levy
Alice and Thomas Lewinsohn
Beverly Lewis
Kimberly and Jay Lewis
Stuart Lewis
Ken Liebenau
Cynthia and Arthur Liebenthal
Floriene Lieberman
Linda and Robert Lieberman
Audrey and Morris Liebschutz
Gregory Linden
Sharon and Jerry Lindenbaum
Debbie and Adam Lindenlaub
Ryan Linneman
Lindsey and Daniel Lipsky
Janet Mark and Frank Lipsman
Beth and Mike Liss
Myra Litman
Phyllis Carozza and Frank Loeffler
Josef Loeffler
Sharon and Peter Loftspring
Jane and Rabbi Alan Londy
Ann and Michael Loren
Helene Lotman and Frank Tallman
Babs Lowenstein
Linda and Michael Lyon
Shannon and Joshua Maker
Beverly and Lawrence Mallin
Lisa Mallin
Mel Mallin
Sharon and Jeffrey Mallin
Linda Mallow
Wendy and Michael Malyn
Ellen and Edward Mandel
Caryn and Robert Mandel
Barbara and Rabbi Herbert Mandl
Sophie Levin and Richard Mann
Micah and Gabrielle Margolies
Susan Margolin
Erin Markowicz
Sarah and Jack Markowitz
Carol and Jeffrey Marks
Michael Marks
Glenna and Joel Markus
Cathy and Mark Maslan
Kimberly and Adam Matsil
Frances and Jack Mayer
Golda Mayer
Vicky and Howard Mayer
Judith and Laurence Mayer
Nina McNay
Esther Megerman
Alice and Joseph Megerman
Marilyn Melcher
Doris and William Mendel
Symie and Jay Menitove
Ellen Merrill
Andi Milens
Sharon and Michael Milens
Nancy Milgram
Nancy and Robert Milgrim
Lauren and Jerry Miller
Alexis and Neil Miller
Gerre and Rodney Minkin
Felix Mintskovsky
Rochelle Mitz
Talia and Rabbi Yitzchak Mizrahi
Marjorie Montague
Betty Jo Mooney
Vicki Mooney
Shirley Morantz
Lauryn Moret-Glass
Amanda Morgan and Chad King
Shanny and Eric Morgenstern
Hadas Moshonov-Cohavi and David Cohavi
Charlene and Max Muller
Allison and Alan Myers
Pennie Myers and Don Nance
Deborah Smith and Mark Myron
Sharon Liese and David Nachman
Marlene and Jack Nagel
Bailey and Josh Nakelsky
Marsha and Eugene Naron
Hoddy and Nelson Nast
Mitchell Navran
Sue Seidler and Lewis Nerman
Barbara Newbold
Beverly and Robert Newton
Stacey and Jason Nickell
Rosemary and Steven Nochlin
Susan Noel
Lori and Javid Noorollah
Kitty and Hal Novicoff
Jodi and Michael Novicoff
Emily and Todd Novicoff
Victoria and Keith Novorr
Ruth and William Nowack
Borislav Nozhnik
Elizabeth Nussbaum
Corey and Jered Nussbaum
Ronna and Larry Nussbaum
Barbara and Ted O'Connor
Lori and Kevin Oellien
Robin Onikul
Carla and Scott Oppenheimer
Karen and Michael Orenberg
Dan Osburn
Susan and Steven Osman
Lara and Ben Pabst
Ethan Pack
Flossie Pack
Karen and Steven Pack
Joyce and Dee Pack
Amanda and David Palan
Barbara and Robert Palan
Janice and Michael Panknin

Jean and Allen Parelman

Stacy and Joseph Parelman
Debra and Allen Parmet
Mindy and David Parmet
Judi and Larry Parnes
Roshann Parris and Jeff Dobbs
Sharon and Stuart Pase
Sandra Pasik
Sam Passer
Sandy and Steve Passer
Deborah Passman
Shirley Passman
Jennifer and Steven Paul
Esther and Lee Pearlmutter
Rochelle and Jerald Pelofsky
Brenda and Joel Pelofsky
Carol Peltzie
Elisa and James Pener
Megan and Sam Pener
Sandra Penfield
Elinore Penner
Edi and Jeff Penner
Virginia and David Pennington
Yael and Yanky Perelmuter
Stephen Perez
Jackie Perlman
Lyla Perrodin
Davida Pessen
Stephanie and Sheldon Pessin
Carol Pfau
Marshall Picow
Janice Pinson
Hope Piuck
Karen and Stephen Plax
Sheri Pociluyko
Sharon and Alan Poisner
Laurence Poisner
Andrea Poisner-Corchine
Lynn and Martin Pollman
Ellen and Larry Polsky
Carol and David Porter
Karen and Edward Porter
Michael Portman
Ellen and Jay Portnoy
Lynn and Joseph Poskin
Aaron Price
Janet and Harold Price
Lena Price and Thomas Cohen
Leslee and Marc Price
Cynthia Ellis and Carl Puritz
Daniel Rabin
Sylvia and David Radasky
Lauren and Sam Raiche
Kathy and Michael Rainen
Stacy and Daniel Rainey
Nancy and Philip Reicher
Madeline Reiches
Diana and Joel Resnick
Ora Reynolds
David Rismiller
Margie and Jay Robinow
Ellen and Irv Robinson
Jessica Rockhold
Sara and David Roesler
Barbie and Gary Rogoff
Michael Rogovein
Mary Beth Rohlf
Sandra and Marvin Romer
Stacy and Clifton Rope
Ellen Rose
Julye and Mark Rose
Beverly and Leonard Rose
Carol and Stephen Rose
Edward Rosen
Carole and Jeffrey Rosen
Rosanne and Howard Rosen
Sherrill Rosen
Bernhard Rosenberg
Deborah Rosenberg
Elaine and Isac Rosenberg
Kathi and William Rosenberg
Renee Rosenberg
Macey Rosenblum
Michael and Teri Rosenblum
Norine and Stanley Rosenblum
Nini and Charles Rosenstock
Brenda and Howard Rosenthal
Myrna Rosenthal
Paul Rosenthal
Roberta and Jerry Rosmarine
Sally and Miles Ross
Linda and Richard Rostenberg
Phyllis and Sheldon Roufa
Austin Ruben
Gerri and David Ruben
Lisa and Steve Ruben
Arlene and John Rubenstein
Debra and Ben Rubin
Greyson Rubin
Marilyn and Murray Rubin
Rachel Rubin and David Williams
Tammy Ruder
Julie and David Rudman
Esther Rudnick
Rabbi Jonathan Rudnick
Marcelle Rudnick
Jessica Rudnick-Kaseff
Eva Rydell
Marjorie Sackin
Teri and Ken Sackin
Elizabeth and Neil Sader
Jen and Adrian Salazar
Judith and Stanley Samberg
Linda and Jeffrey Sander
Denise and John Saper
Karen and Mark Saper
Susan Sarachek
Anne and Brian Scharf
Garry Scharf
Miriam and Daniel Scharf
Nata Scharf
Anita Grow and Jon Scheinman
Brenda and Allan Schifman
Gabe Schifman
Fani and William Schifman
David Schlosberg
Marjorie and William Schlosberg
Vivien and Daniel Schlozman
Heather Schlozman
Janice and Mark Schonwetter
Gloria Schoolman
Cathy and Michael Schultz
Amy and Eric Schultz
Susan and Larry Schumaker
Tamara and Rabbi Neal Schuster
Shelley Stander and Bruce Schwartz
Barbara Kalikow-Schwartz and Howard Schwartz
Dana and Neal Schwartz
Judi Field-Schwartz and Robert Schwartz
Taylor Schwartz
Abe Schwartzbard
Kaley and Jon Schwartzbard
Eileen and Michael Schwartzman
Lynn Schweig
Karen and Dale Scott
Tannye and Malcolm Shafran
Rhonda Shafran
Zachary Shafran
Tracy and Alan Shafton
Anne Shalinsky
Arlene Shalinsky
Patsy Shanberg
Marcia and Stuart Shanker
Amy and Peter Shapiro
Barbara and Jerry Shapiro
Jill and David Shapiro
Joyce and William Shapiro
Rita Shapiro
Kelly and Tony Shapiro
Jennifer and Gerald Shechter
Linda Sher
Scott Sher
Beth and Mike Sherry
Judy and Steven Sherry
Sara Shneor
Harold Shorr
Paula and Richard Shteamer
Stephanie Shuchart
Jill and Leland Shurin
Mark Shuster
Bonnie and Matthew Siegel
Lori and Charles Siegel
Merna Siegler
Harriet Siess
Melynn and Daniel Sight
Ashley and Zachary Sight
Renee and Larry Silver
Keith Silvers
Marcy Simon
Connie and Richard Simon
Aletha and Robert Simon
Ileene and Steven Simon
Faigel and Bruce Singer
Catherine and Daniel Singer
Elaine and Neal Singer
Helene Singer
Jill and Leonard Singer
Debra and Mark Singer
Cindy and Sheldon Singer
Sonia and Max Singer
Wendy and Jeffrey Sitzmann
Marjorie and Barry Skikne
Lisa and David Skolnick
Noah Slabotsky
Denise and Scott Slabotsky
Trudy and Mark Slatkin
James Sluyter
Angela and Rusty Smith
Joseph Smuckler
Moshit and Yoav Snir
Charles Snitz
Wendy and Ian Snitz
Stephen Snitz
Eva and Jason Sokol
Shari and Michael Sokol
Muriel and Gene Soloff
Nancy Solomon
Marcia and Edwin Soltz
Melanie and Scott Soltz
Kelly and Dan Somberg
Sheila and Kenneth Sonnenschein
The Sosland Family
Blanche Sosland
Rachel and David Sosland
Estelle Sosland(z"l)
Ethan Sosland
Jane and Josh Sosland
Debbie Sosland-Edelman and Alan Edelman
Dolores Sosnow
Chanie and Rabbi Berel Sosover
Suzy Sostrin and Hunter Rainer
Trudy and Arnold Spector
Jackie and Lloyd Stahl
Rita and Howard Stark
Andrew Starr
Tamara Falicov and Stephen Steigman
Carly and Louis Stein
Sheryl and Joshua Stein
Pamela Stein
Patricia Stein
Esther and Stewart Stein
Lydia Steinberg
Amy and Gary Steinman
Katherine and Louis Stekoll
Betty and Erwin Stern
Shirley and Todd Stettner
Phyllis Stevens
Ed Stevenson
Jennifer and Daniel Stolper
Kay and Ira Stolzer
Lacey Storer
Barbara and Stephen Stras
Mary Stratman
Emily and Kip Strauss
Nan and Steven Streen
SueAnn Strom
Joanne Stutz
Rita and Matthew Sudhalter
Sandra Suffian and Ernesto Zepeda
Paula and Victor Suroff
Shoshy and Scott Susman
Gary Swanson
Karen Glickstein and Don Swartz
Steven Sweet
Susan and David Swift
Eric Swim
Aviva Symons
Hope and Marshall Talbot
Frank Tankard
Robert Tankel
Nicole and Sam Taylon
Judith Taylor-Fischer
Susan Terman
Nikol Terrill
Donna and Harvey Thalblum
Nechama and Rabbi Zalman Tiechtel
Evelyn and Lowell Tilzer
Ruthie Tivol(z"l)
Tetyana and Anatoliy Tov
Lori Towster
Amy and Edward Tranin
Carol and Clifford Trenton
Debbie and Steven Trenton
Gerry and Howard Trilling
Aaron Troy
Tatyana Tuzhilova and Sergey Tuzhilov
Douglas and Karen Tyler
Ester and Chuck Udell
Liz and Paul Uhlmann III
Patricia Werthan Uhlmann
Leah and Justin Unell
Shirley Unell
Marko Ungashick
Janet and Bryan Unterhalter
John and Cheryl Utz
Sue Vile
Lyudmila Viron
Ellice and David Vittor
Larue and Dennis Wacknov
Jerry Wacknov
Paul Wacknov
Sara and Danny Wajcman
Mindy and David Wajcman
Kathryn and Jeffrey Wald
Barbara and John Waldron
Barbara and Bradley Warady
Wanda Ware
Rachel and Ben Warner
James Warner
Sonia Warshawski
Susan Warshawsky
Mark Wasserstrom
Linda Watson
Irma and Irwin Waxman
Susan and Joel Waxman
Rosemary Wayne and Joseph Gittemeier
Wallace Weber
David Wedlan
Steven Wedlan
Gail and Gary Weinberg
Irene and Howard Weiner
Felicia and Seymour Weiner
Judith and David Weinstein
Andrea and Keith Weisz
Cynthia Wendt and Steven Fehr
Civia and Rabbi Harry White
Alan Widman
Vicki and Andrew Widman
Jay Widman
Marshall Widman
Keith Wiedenkeller
Stefanie Williams
Carol and Craig Wilson
Judy Winas
Blumah and Rabbi Sholom Wineberg
Hedda Winetroub
Deborah and Jeffrey Winkel
Cheri Winkler
Robin Winner
Lois and Emanuel Winston
Cathy and Rob Winter
Jean Wise
Annie and Victor Wishna
Hayley Wizig
Mary and Gary Wolf
Kelly and Gregory Wolf
Toma and Andy Wolff
Nancy Wolff
Marcia and Robert Wolff
Tyler Woodard
Ruth and Michael Worthington
Barbara and Terry Wright
Janet and Mark Yagan
Erica and Zach Yagerman
Alissa and Ryan Yamnitz
Rochel Ginsburg and Seth Yanofsky
Carol and Robert Yarmo
Nancy and Jay Yedlin
Iryna and Andrii Yeromenko
Ron Yurman
Zvia Zadock and Francis Scicchitano
Pam and Michael Zanders
Aharon and Aviva Zazulia
Keith Zeff
Kristopher and Lindsey Zeid
Joyce and Stanford Zeldin
Katie and Ryan Zeldin
Jean and Robert Zeldin
Sue(z"l) and Morton Zevitz
Shira and Scott Zigler
Darlene and Gary Zimmerman
Rebecca Zimmerman
Gerald Zobel
Charmian and Howard Zurovsky
Janet and Louis Zwillenberg